Viet Uy Tin specializes in providing work permit extension service for foreign workers in Vietnam at the soonest possible time and lowest rate in the market.

Time for completion of procedures related to extension of work permits of foreign laborers in Vietnam: 

- Processing time is 3 working days upon receipt of sufficient dossiers.

- For URGENT cases, please contact our consultants for details.

Cases of eligibility for reissuance of work permit:

- In case of loss or damage to work permit or changes of data in work permit such as last name, first name, date of birth, nationality, passport, workplace, please refer to the following link for details >> Reissuance of work permit

- Expired work permit (previously called extension, however, under Decree No. 102/2013/ND-CP, the expression “extension” is no longer used, and the expression “reissuance” is used as a replacement).

Required dossiers to apply for reissuance (or also called extension) of work permits include:

- The proposal for reissuance of work permit by employer approved by Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs

- Approval for recruitment of foreign workers issued by provincial/municipal People’s Committee

- 2 color photos (4cm x 6cm, bear head, front view, face and ears clearly visible, without glasses, white background), taken within the last 6 months

- Copy of valid passport or substitute document under Vietnam Law

- Issued work permit (except for loss of work permit) with the remaining validity period is 5 days by minimum and 45 days by maximum prior to the expiry date of work permit

- Health certificate

- Regarding foreign workers being experts or specialists, bachelor degrees and certificates that they have at least 3 years experience in similar posts are required.

- Additionally, depending on specific cases, one of the following documents is needed:

+ Decision on seconding foreign workers to work in Vietnam made by foreign enterprises

+ Contract or agreement signed by and between Vietnamese and foreign partners with respect to employing foreign workers in Vietnam

+ Contract on service provision signed between Vietnamese and foreign partners or document proving the laborer is under negotiation related to supplying services in Vietnam

+ The document made by a service supplier appointing foreign laborers to Vietnam for the purpose of establishing a commercial presence

+ Document demonstrating the foreign worker took part in operation of a foreign firm that has commercial present in Vietnam already

*** Remarks:

- For documents made in foreign languages, they shall be subject to notarized translation and consular authentication.

- Viet Uy Tin is also one of three leading translation companies in Vietnam which offers translation and notarization services in over 50 foreign languages with 58 different fields.

We guarantee you shall be satisfied with our all-in services. Please call us at Hotline: 0917.13.55.33 for any questions.


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