Vietnam Temporary resident card (TRC) is issued with the aim of bringing practical benefits to expats who enter Vietnam to work and reside for a long term. Contributing to implementing the Government’s policies on development of friendship relationships and international cooperation as well as protection of national benefits and sovereignty, Vietnam has created favorable conditions for expats to enter, exit Vietnam, transit in Vietnam; protects human lives, assets, legal rights and benefits of expats under Laws and international conventions that Vietnam signed.



Benefits brought when possessing a TRC:

  • Allowed to reside in Vietnam from 1 to 3 years.
  • Enjoy visa exemption when entering or exiting Vietnam during the card’s validity period.
  • Entitled to buy houses, do business and get married in Vietnam.
  • Expats who possess a TRC are not required to conduct procedures related to visa extension.

Mostly asked questions:

  • Which objects is a TRC applied to and which cases is it applied to?
  • What documents are required to apply for a TRC?
  • What is the procedure for applying for a TRC?
  • Which State agency shall receive such documents?
  • What is the most updated Law on residence?
  • How long and how much do I need to have a TRC issued?

Viet Uy Tin has over 6 years experience in providing services with respect to work permit, TRC and other documents for expats. Our consultants are experienced and know in detail simple and ‘difficult’ cases related to expats’ residence in Vietnam. Every year, Viet Uy Tin assists thousands of expats in applying for issuance and extension of TRCs. Some of which are not able to provide sufficient documents, or their visas being issued for incorrect entry purpose especially URGENT cases, however, thanks to our professionalism and incessant efforts, we always get everything done smoothly and deliver TRC within the timeframe as agreed at best price.

Viet Uy Tin specializes in providing following services related to TRC:

Why should you choose Viet Uy Tin?

- Helpful and highly experienced consultants in handling ‘difficult’ cases

- We have broad relationships with competent State agencies

- Professionalism is shown from consultancy, providing quotation through delivery of TRC to customers

- Competitive prices and we guarantee there will be NO arising fee to be charged during implementation of services

- We keep customers updated of their application status

- We commit providing free door-to-door TRC deliveries  

- We are recognized as a prestigious translation company for 5 consecutive years by Vietnam Association of Translation. We can provide service of notarized translation into Vietnamese within one working day and translation into English or other languages at your request and depending on documents received by us.


Thanks to prestige, enthusiasm and professionalism in order to comply with the spirit “Make customers happy when coming to and leaving office”, Viet Uy Tin has received support and absolute trust from thousands of customers in many past years.

We are always willing to provide consultancy and best solutions to help you save money and possess a TRC for expats in a fastest manner. Contact Viet Uy Tin at our hotline: 0917.13.55.33


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