Extension of Temporary Resident Cards (TRC) for expats is applied to TRCs which are nearly expired. Applicant or enterprise or organization must submit applications to Immigration Management Department – Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Immigration Office under provincial/municipal Public Security. 

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Cases of eligibility for Vietnam TRC extension:

  • Foreign investors (with the minimum remaining duration of the investment license being 1 year).
  • Chief of Office of non-governmental organizations (with the minimum remaining duration of the operation license being 1 year).
  • For foreign workers who possess a work permit, the work permit’s remaining validity period is at least 1 year. If the work permit is nearly expired, procedure for extension of work permit must be carried out 30 days prior to its expiry date, after that carry out procedure for TRC extension.

Documents required to apply for TRC extension:

  1. Request form made by sponsoring agencies or organizations
  2. Request form for extension of TRC for expats 
  3. Three 3cm x 4cm photos
  4. Passport
  5. Documents proving legal status of sponsoring organizations or enterprises
  6. Current TRC
  7. One of the following documents depending on different cases:
    • Investment certificate/Business registration certificate

    • Rep. office/branch establishment license

    • Work permit

  8. Temporary resident certificate/temporary resident book bearing seal of commune/ward Public Security


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Schedule for delivery of TRC

Within 5 business days upon receipt of all necessary documents, Viet Uy Tin shall offer a free direct delivery to your house or office.

If you have any questions related to extension of Vietnam TRC, please feel free to contact our consultants for free consultancies.
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