Procedure for Issuance of Vietnam Temporary Resident Card (TRC) for Expats

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Under Law on Residence, Temporary Resident Card (TRC) is issued by Immigration Management Department or another competent agency under Ministry of Foreign Affairs to expats who are eligible for fixed-term residence in Vietnam. A TRC can replace a Visa.


Documents required to apply for TRC issuance:

1. Request form made by agencies, organizations or individuals who invite or sponsor the expat (form N7A)

2. Request form for issuance of TRC for expats attached with a 3cm x 4cm photo (form N7B)

3. Applicant’s passport

4. Documents proving legal status of sponsoring organizations or enterprises

5. One of the following documents is also required depending on different cases:

    • Investment certificate/Business registration certificate
    • Rep. office/branch establishment license
    • Document certifying the applicant is a member of Board of Management
    • Work permit
    • Birth certificate, marriage certificate, household registration book and so on in case of applying for TRCs for husband, wife, child, etc. of expats

6. Document proving the applicant registered for temporary residence or a temporary resident certificate bearing signature and seal of commune/ward Public Security

***Important: All above documents made in foreign languages shall undergo consular authentication and notarized translation into Vietnam.

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Processing time and agencies that receive and handle documents:

  • Immigration Management Department – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Immigration Office - provincial/municipal Public Security

Within 5 business days upon receipt of all necessary documents, Immigration Management Department or another competent agency under Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall issue TRC.

Notes to remember when applying for a TRC:

  • TRCs have validity period varying from 1 to 3 years depending on each case.
  • TRCs’ validity period is at least 1 month shorter than validity period of passports.
  • TRCs shall not be issued to individuals that hold passports with the remaining validity duration being under 1 year.

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