Work permit is a legal document issued under Labor Code of Vietnam, allowing foreign workers to enter Vietnam to work legally for a long time. Viet Uy Tin specializes in applying for work permit rapidly and professionally, especially handling difficult cases at most competitive price. Our service helps customers overcome challenges related to work permit application procedure, required documents to produce and save time with regard to learning relevant provisions.


Work permit

 Issuance of work permit

Viet Uy Tin’s helpful consultants shall answer customers’ questions, provide latest information on relevant provisions and implementation procedures as well as work with State agencies on behalf of customers.

 Reissuance of work permit

Expats shall be re-granted work permits in case their work permits are subject to lost, damage or adjustment or supplement to any information therein. Contact us to be reissued work permit within the shortest time.

 Extension of work permit

Do you want to have your work permit that is nearly expired extended rapidly? Viet Uy Tin shall be your wisest choice. With more than 6 years of experience in providing services for expats, we are confident to assist you in handling all problems you face within the shortest timeframe.

Using professional services of Viet Uy Tin, you shall receive helpful consultancy, detailed responses to your questions and importantly, receive work permit according to the schedule as agreed. 

Service of applying for Vietnam criminal records

A criminal record is used to show whether an individual has violated law, whether such individual has been prohibited on taking over positions, establishing or managing enterprises or cooperatives when a competent Court issues an order announcing the bankruptcy of such enterprises or cooperatives. It is a required document when expats apply for work permit in Vietnam.

If you want to apply for criminal record card no. 1 on behalf of expats, we will help you prepare documents and submit them on behalf of the expats. We commit delivering the card at the soonest possible time.

Criminal record card no. 2, under relevant provisions, is granted to prosecution agencies, however, it shall be granted to an individual on demand on condition that such individual doesn’t authorize other person to carry out related procedures. We shall prepare documents and work with officers of Justice Department on behalf of you.


Samples of criminal record cards no. 1 & 2

We specialize in processing difficult and URGENT cases of applying for criminal records. With highly experienced staff who have assisted thousands of customers in obtaining criminal records, definitely you will be satisfied with our service.

Service of conversion of foreign driving licenses into Vietnamese equivalents

With helpful assistance and consultancy of our professional staff, we guarantee conversion procedure will be simple and you will possess a Vietnamese driving license within 5 working days upon issuance of full documents.


Conversion of foreign driving licenses into Vietnamese equivalents

work permit for foreigners

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